About Us

Hello and welcome to our about page. This is where you can get all the information you need about the podcaster’s. We have a cast of three players known as Marko Jonez. Mullet Jones, and Ferret Jonez. We all enjoy different games, so we bring a mix of information to the show.

Getting to know the Jonez

Marko Jonez is the local RPG, Action Player. He is The Host of the show. His interests in games goes from RPG, to FPS and is known to talk about different novels he is reading at the time. His hobbies include reading, saying things like adorbs, and digital design.

Mullet Jonez is the local sound editor. As of late he has been getting more and more into the video game realm. Every show he is trying newer games, and making sure he is up to date on different gaming news. His hobbies include music, other podcast’s, and playing old Zelda games.

Ferret Jonez is the local MMO/FPS player. He is considered the master of the online auction house as well as natural born leader in any MMO. His hobbies include web design, video games, and many other forms of non digital gaming.

Video Games, Industry, and Technology News